Conversion Properties predominantly works in two areas of development.

Owner Representation

We represent the owner in all facets of development from the purchase of the land for a new building or the purchase of a building to be redeveloped through the final punch out of the finished product. We take an owner through the total development process including services such as: concept planning, preliminary design, investment performance and pro forma, financing, project design and budget, architect selection, contractor selection, construction contracts, and construction.  We can lease and manage the project after completion if desired by the Owner.

Through all phases, we represent the owner and guide them through the process.  Owners have varying levels of competency within the development process, so we allow the Owner to choose what services they require from our team.


At Risk Development

Under certain circumstances, we develop for our own account, partnering with investors and parties related to the firm.  This allows us to share risk with our investor clients and build lasting partnerships among firm members.  Risk aligns the interest of all partners and sharpens our skills.